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  1. Stimulate vagus nerve relaxation: Breathe in short inhales (5-7 counts) and long exhales (7-9 counts) like ocean tides.

  2. Play with your pet to stay joyful in the current moment.

  3. Produce something with your hands.

  4. Take a walk in nature.

  5. Read aloud a poem or story.

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Axis Vitality

Neuro-Solutions for Quantum Healing

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Treatments Offered

Combined Specialties are provided with dynamic presence, knowledgeable experience, collaborative results, and compassionate care.

All individualized treatments are carefully designed to relieve your pain and help you live a happier, more comfortable life. The focus is on structure, physiological systems, diet, nutrition, emotional and psychological wellbeing. Embody and empower your spirit by checking out services listed below.


Balance Your Ener-Qi.

Engage your entire wellbeing naturally for wellness and longevity with a foundation of 4,000 to 5,000 years of natural pattern based medicine from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Come discover how Neuro, Sports-Trigger Point, Five-Element, Japanese and Esoteric styles of acupuncture will help you to emotionally reset, reduce pain, and decrease inflammation. At the same time we will work on prevention of dis-ease to improve immunity, circulation, and sleep.  Experience how acupuncture can help you take time out, to be in.  If you are new to acupuncture, you will learn what is possible, guided and supported with presence to your comfort around sensations you may feel with disposable single use sterile needles.

Bodywork & Integrative Massage

Structural-Functional Postural Alignment

Neural Reset and Paul St. John Method Neuromuscular Therapies work directly with rebalancing the nervous system to increase neural plasticity. Bodywork techniques used are an eclectic blended flow that range from relaxing Swedish to Acupressure/Medical/Sports massage. Where appropriate, focus on the use of props for positional release and kinesthetic unwinding may be added to sculpt facia. Energetic work with detail to breath and attentive silence may also happen throughout your session to augment treatments.


Decompress & Detox

This is the only treatment that uses reverse pressure as compared to massage or needles to relieve excess rigidity in muscle tissue by giving space to nerve, vascular and cellular microstructures underneath the skin. Depending on what is needed, silicone cups are often used for reducing pain, densification of fascial tensions and increase circulation. Glass flash cups are used to warm the body, like hot stones and have a great efficacy of reducing coughs or illness by dredging pathogens to the surface layers of the body to be drained and processed by the lymphatic system. Gua sha may also be used to gently increase circulation and sculpt fascia like a bird preens its feathers.

Oov Movement Re-education

Oov, Move, Groove!

This amazing pre-habilitation tool was invented by an Australian Osteopath deeply connected to the Pilates world. This movement tool helps to unwire faulty movement patterns that often have physio-emotional origins. Within 24-48 hours a newly reset body needs reinforcement to hold its new position in space for longer periods of time. The Oov puts the body in an environment where proprioception is improved through a reflexive kinesthetic feedback chain. The body-mind learns to coordinate the ability to turn-on or off intrinsic core muscle groups segmentally for balance. Subtle changes occur with care and attention to appropriately coached progressive and regressive movements that enhance overall daily function, athletic performance, injury prevention and recovery from invasive procedures.

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Wendy has uncommon understanding of the body.  There is much she knows kinesthetically from the inside out.   I am lucky enough to receive treatments with her on a regular basis, so I know the depth of her integrity and skill.  I enjoy both her thoughtful questions and the way her ideas invite me to open to new understanding of my own work.

Michael Max, Acupuncturist, Chinese Herbalist, Qiological Podcast: Founder, Author & Host


3861 N 1st Ave, Tucson, AZ 85719

(520) 495-8515

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