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About Me

I have dedicated more than 35 years to learning about the body-mind-spirit connections to address pain.  As a competitive swimmer, cyclist and runner in high school, I had my first experience with traditional physical therapy. The treatment in my case was delivered with significant cross-fiber frictional force. After several agonizing emotionally charged treatments I found myself asking, "How is invasively tearing up my tissue, healing?" Intuitive logic said to me that what I experienced was counterproductive.

I was an elite performer spending a great amount of time training outdoors and observing nature. I was curious about indigenous healing and cutting edge technological methods to excel and augment recovery. Ultimately, my life experiences have trained me to view the body holographically, vibrating with diverse harmonic frequencies that form and balance our bodies solidity into physical beings. 

At Humboldt State University, I eventually became a Hall of Fame runner, by pushing my body's outer limits. Intense workouts resulted in extreme leg pain where I could only carefully descend stairs walking backwards. Going to the trainer was limited to getting taped up and enduring intolerable short ice bath soaks of my feet and legs. So I sought out a massage therapist to assist my recovery.

Over the course of several sessions, I added back, arms, neck, and shoulders to the treatments I received. A profound sense of relaxation and re-connection to my body enhanced my sense of well-being. Gradually, my mind and heart opened to the possibility that I was called to learn this work.

I supported myself through college  as a National Park Service Ranger every summer. I was a "Jill" trained to wear many hats from federally commissioned law enforcement, wild land fire management and emergency medical/rescue, where I learned injury triage as an emergency medical technician. 

My background also includes time as a USA Triathlon Level II Certified Coach training athletes from age-group beginners to Olympic hopefuls. Joyful movement has been an integral part of my entire life. And so I have explored many movement arts from dance to martial arts. I have studied yoga and alternative forms of strength training that enhanced elite level performances in biathlon, duathlon, and triathlon.

I am grateful for the support of family, friends, and patients, who have helped to make my practice possible over years, presently, and in the future.

The success of one, depends on the collaborative efforts of many.

Be Well,

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