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2021: Stuck On Pause, Part I

Updated: Jan 9, 2021

That iron screen door held with tension that was supposed to hit 2020 in the derriere and out of the ballpark never sprung. Continued smoke and mirrors produce confusing illusions of recycled lies that sacrifice natural truths. While humanity struggles with a certain Groundhog Day repetition of events relating to inalienable freedoms, the planet is somewhere in the middle of the galaxy playing dodgeball with asteroids.

Not a one person has been untouched by the Homeric fear, anger, loss, and authoritarian shaming. In order to create harmony in the outer world, we must also face obstacles that prevent us from making peace with unopposed enemies within. Pain is not always physical as it takes tremendous courage to progress down our spiritually evolutionary paths. It is important to gain freedom from poisonous behaviors and suffering overwhelm. We must allow space for what we truly feel to bubble to the surface and see "it" for what "it" is.

These days it seems that we might be guided by Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle where logic has not got much footing. We may know where we are, but not where we are going. We may know where we are going but not where we are. Speed and velocity are also variables in this quantum mechanic formula somewhere blended with the pi and Planck's constants. The nature of life and things are not as linear as the maybe perceived. We exist in a dualistic period of extreme anomalies, contrasts, conjunctions and conflicts that all have tendril relationships to one another. The sum of parts of technocratic information is fallibly unpredictable, similar to Mendel's square that projects dominant or recessive genetically modified outcomes. Socially engineered and refined pedigree favors a kind of homogenous technocratic hive mind mentality that censors the healthy freedoms of discourse.

If physics can describe the awesome language of God's universal creation, then fractal patterns are hypnotic expressions of beauty in nature that inspires us to touch our humanity. There is a unique phenomenon called "quantum superposition" where the location of a particle can exist two different places in space at once. This electromagnetic action uses Planck's constant to identify photon frequency signatures. Like fractal patterns have infinite patterns of direction to continuously expand, contract, lengthen or shorten, the DNA expressions of conscious organisms, also have spiraling patterns that loosely or succinctly mark the beginnings and endings of every transitional possibility in the gaps of the collective experience.

Asian medicine recognizes how emotions are woven physically, spiritually and interdependently with the ebbs and flows of Yin and Yang. Cognitive dissonance and depression are current challenges that dispirit the heart and dull the mind. In order to live and die with dignity, take quiet time out to be in so as to find your unique emotional balance in neutral space.

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