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2021: Stuck On Pause, Part II

Stuck in inclement weather on the tarmac, we are waiting for air traffic control to give the green light to fly. While the storm rages outside, we make efforts to remain calm on the inside for the lack of progress to our travel destination is out of our control. Moving forward in 2021 is like that: recognizing what is within our means to change our dire situation.

Denied our ability to gather in eddies of neutral social refuge, we are like fish flailing and gulping for water where the right to breathe freely is muted and claustrophobic. Not since 911 has there been so extreme measures to "protect public health and safety" while slowly turning up the temperature of the water in the fish tank environment all at the same time. The training of new social norms began with new imposed travel restrictions that spied upon and processed people like cattle in a feedlot. Passive acceptance on autopilot was a means to a destination. Fast forward from 911, there appears to be a lack of thoughtful pause as to question the dangers of a touchless society: no gathering, no hugging, but remain six feet apart to maintain the imaginary boundaries of airspace by standing on a preschool style sticker designed to put us in our place. Being trained to focus on our differences rather than our mutual similarities makes the natural inclination of human connection prohibitive.

Algorithms duplicate and anticipate behaviors of the user and egoic “I.” As function follows form, the egoic “I” in technocracy has insidiously and progressively reprogrammed our lives into an algorithmic language of human activity without checks or balances. Instead of building relationships that form community, individual quirks and habits of humans are catalogued with cookies to reward technocratic brokers. Like viruses replicate cellular DNA mirroring exosome shapes, artificial sentience is as revolutionary as much as it has inexorably split us apart. Social media pimps an overload of electronically generated information like crack to the brain. More darkly, algorithmic text frames, categorizes, and profiles individuals to control freedom of information through browser feeds and facial recognition. Thus, the raw form and function of a technocratic world depends not only consanguineous quarry, but also depends on data input from compliant minds with immeasurable intentions.

In hugely transformational times, the results have been aggressively sneaky at gradually suffocating self-determinate freedoms into a homogenous box. Hypocritical attitudes combined with moralistic platitudes increase the corrosive anxiety of cognitive dissonance. Nonsense has abraded spiritual and emotional integrity. As every single one of our cells interface intelligently with both external and internal stimuli, our entire beings respond vibrationally to create reality unique to our experiences.

Personal experience shapes belief and educates us about where we think we stand in our environment. Arising from the sulcus depths, the construct of the egoic “I” is always calculating in the background between the right and left hemispheres of the brain. The causes of peace and happiness are impermanent as we are bound to the inevitable laws of change. It is impossible to eliminate quantum dimensions or movements of time as Shiva dances through the universe. Stillness is found in the space of transitional movement. As the wind and rain subside, the plane is cleared for take off and we begin to roll out onto the tarmac.

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