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Being A Good Dog

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

God is dog spelled backwards. In Native American folklore, Coyote brought fire to the people and was taught many lessons by the Creator through his own chicanery. Dogs are innately connected to the source of creation that knows no boundaries of living according to their nature. For instance, they are adventurous investigators with superhero powers of sniffing odors without concern for embarrassing greetings and rolling with glee in some offensive rotten deliciousness. As furry faithful beings, they are social, protective, playful and obedient companions. Asleep on a cushion with both eyes closed, one leg jerky, sometimes snoring, they are our barometers of peace without interferences.

Flawlessly, dogs can develop their own signature personality that often mirrors human behavior and pose for snap shots upon request with button eyes and dapper profiles. Compassionate to a fault, they greet us with licks and wagging tail, even when we are feeling hurt, grumpy or sad. Often surrogates for our behavior and emotions, there are unfortunate situations where fear is beaten into them and their natural joy is abandoned with growls and barred teeth to the perpetrator ready to induce imminent harm. A “good dog” is trained to overcome natural inclinations to control undesirable habits adapting to living in human homes. Endless training commands like “sit”, “stay”, “come” and “roll” are all behavioral actions that are performed with the bribe of treats and affection for a job well done.

What does it mean to be a “good dog” in a society that exchanges hypochondriac safety for the freedom of wholesome vitality and wellness? It means nuking our homes and workspaces of pestilence. Bugs that must be destroyed with inorganic disinfectants at the cost of healthy functioning microbial cellular diversity. Combine that scenario with an inappropriate overgrowth of cellular mutations and cancer is a likely illness that can occur. The consumptive human collective is in denial of how viruses, bacteria and fungi have been a part of the body’s ecology and life on earth since the time of primordial ooze. While some people make statements like: “Looks like this virus will be around for a while,” it already has been! These microscopic organisms are both building blocks to life and become pathogenic when our gut microbiomes are mitigated with pharmaceuticals or unhealthy diets. The ecosystem is the macrosystem that surrounds us is desecrated by dirty agricultural practices and consumer habits. We have quickly and effectively split ourselves from nature not recognizing beyond blame and synthetic science, the evolution of how one problematic virus or another came into being. Humans are the only animals I know, that consistently defile their own nests and choose ignorance over the observance and guidance of natural law to balance disharmonies.

Dogs that live among us are easily the heart of our households. Yet, our resistance to seeing ourselves a part of nature, prevents us from harmonizing with it. Dogs are as much a part of the family as they represent our spiritual transformation. Like good dogs, we languish with sad eyes having trouble finding our bearings for what is to happen next with unpredictable, volatile times. Traumatized by moral virtue signaling and political shaming, we have been sucked into the convenience of technocratic corporate monopolies and mealy, hypocritical government nonsense that has changed our lives inexorably. From the WHO, the CDC down to townships, these entities have become authoritarian demigods that pedal fallacies of truth and twisted propaganda that are consistently inconsistent as to who, what, when, where, why and how we are deemed “essential” or “not essential.” Thus, superfluous and vague guidelines have become law from policy. Naturally, good dogs might whine through their teeth or stay asleep unalarmed by stealthy re-education agendas paraded before us with upbeat tones and parental soundbites that drone over store speakers, television, censored social media and radio stations. These insidiously biased particles of speech weave hypnotic non-negotiable behaviors into our passive brains merely focused on minding our own business and gathering ingredients for our survival.

Now in the dog days of summer, we are cowed into being obedient with mutable directives that have threatened our joy of living and our livelihoods. Should we decide to think for ourselves and not comply with the toxification of our body sovereignty and environment on so many levels, we are blocked from earning a living as slaves to the dominant power paradigm. Should we have an opinion opposite the indoctrinated “truth”, we are harassed, doxed, or cancelled like runaway bad dogs sheltered in sterile cages waiting to be adopted or be euthanized.

The pendulum of uncertainty has swung to an extreme position of disharmony. It is at the inevitable tipping point to swing off the precipice. While every fiber in our being wishes to bite and attack the insanity of unpredictable abusive leadership, still, as well-trained good dogs, we must accept the unnatural. Juxtaposed instructions of a fantasized “new normal” is not about co-creative co-operation, but unequivocal extortionist control. This sort of pattern has unfolded after 911, where the desperation of shock, grief and loss screamed for “safety” at the cost losing flexible liberties to travel. Eventually, events that have followed have chipped away at personal freedom and happiness in exchange for security.

While we nap, the earth sails through space. The late summer heat keeps us sleepy. In the coolness of our airconditioned homes, we are adrift with manufactured fears that drown joy. We are muzzled and leashed while revolutionary change roars outside our doghouses like a garbage truck crashing through the backyard alley. What is next? When can we be that “good dog” that gets rewarded free of preschool teacher toned condescension and kennel lockdown to splash in open water, run after birds on the beach, snuggle our buddies and not be forced into faux kindness that robs us of the integrity of experiencing our true feelings in the moment?

Being a good dog, one cannot remain blind to what is unresolved within. Refinement of our large spirits stuffed in small human bodies takes time. Imagine, what it looks like to live authentically and to live without unhealthy influences the spirit of love? Anger is a higher vibration than fear and it is the mother of joy. It is a righteous call to action out of impassiveness. If theoretically, we are made in the image of God, consider our dog nature, surround yourself with your pack, lose the grief and play worry free. Get off the couch and keep your eye on the ball…

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