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Treating What Is Present

Every day, every moment is a new one. The work in the treatment room is no different: a new patient and returning patient has subjective information to give me. Like cairns marking a summer mountain path across avalanche scarred scree slope, we navigate what needs to be addressed each visit. The most compassionate act to helping another is to listen. Within the Chinese Character “Listen”, are pictorial particles that point to how we can truly be present with ourselves and others:

Trained in Asian Medicine and philosophy, I encourage my patients to share what is currently happening to them in relationship to the larger picture of their health and wellbeing. They have my “undivided” attention to the details I “see” with all my senses. I am heart-centered and genuinely curious. I keep my mind in phenomenological epoché, a fertile ground for non judgemental inquiry and observation of linked patterns that all have meaning. In this way, “thinking” is not separate of “feeling” and there is a field where I can meet my patients where they are at within the neutral space of the treatment room. I listen some more, and we collaborate our next steps through current obstacles on the path of living life vitally.

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