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Meaning in Spiritually Bereft Times

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

Asian medicine acknowledges the cyclical interplay of equatorial energies of both spring and fall. As spring is the season of coming out of hibernation, fall is the preparation for it. These seasons are very active at asking us to harmonize ourselves with the principles of waxing inward and outward movements of nature in between the full apex of summer and deepest stillness of winter. Also built into the art of Asian medicine, is the ability to address feelings and emotions that take us off our center and shove us onto a tightrope of difficult balance. Imbalanced emotions in times like we are experiencing can act as egregores that possess us.

We are all here: attentive to the bottom of the ninth inning in this third quarter of an epically upended election year. With the return of fall, I am pensively reminded of Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 where “there is a season and a time for everything under heaven” that represents the punctuations of the ebb and flow of life.

In recent conversations, I have observed a poignant volatile shift in demeanor where few people have a healthy sense of irreverence. Like a dirge, humor has been lost. Underlying media driven social fears suck away the natural motivations to gather and to play. Instead, anger builds. Mars retrograde stretches backwards in the sky like a slingshot ready to shoot out of the way, any oppositional provocation in its path. No one is left untouched from the lack of generosity, sympathy and compassion that are submerged in the stormy seas of cognitively incongruent conflict. Grief is a swelling tsunami at the precipice of an imminent reset. Yet, many of us continue to argue for the limitations of what is not real.

Letters roll off the ends of vehement fingers taping keyboards purging a flood of emotional upheaval. Violent interpersonal expletive outbursts roll out of the mouths of reasonable people unable to balance personal integrity any longer. We are grasping at straws to find meaning to restructuring the foundational evidence of our beliefs like moving the pieces of a shaky game of Jenga. We must be careful with the word “belief” because there is always the “lie” in it where fallibility creates a weak argument for what is present. And we must become aware of what we “intend” to manifest with the word “intention.” Displaced venomous language is powerful and wrath toward our neighbors and public figures are a testament to how spiritually bereft our country has become.

The radiant sardonic masked smile of summer is reducing to an animate pumpkin lantern warming a dry, cold autumn night of Hallowmas. Many people are still unthinkably outside of their comfort zones like deer caught in misty headlights stunned and motionless. Critical thinking skills are demonized into perverted projections that shrink social sensibility. Everyone and no one are haunted by soul-less virtue displays that chafe at the values of wholesome centered living. It takes courageous personal responsibility to acknowledge and reflect on the uncensored negative quirky shadow side of our psyches to process what is revealed honestly and constructively.

In Hawaiian folklore, it is said that we are all born as beautiful vessels of rainbow light. Yet, our hurts, un-manifested dreams and dashed wishes are the sand, pebbles, stones and rocks create the density of darkness. We choose what is tossed in or taken out of our bowls. Thus, removing obstructions to light will help us reside in the very nature of our humanity as positive and expansive beings.

The spirit has a home in the compass of the heart. When the body-mind-spirit are harmonized and there is little thought or intent of harming oneself or others over diversity of opinion. Clues to the subtle choices we make are demonstrated by what we say out loud, cling to or are repulsed by, as to how long we dwell in misery and pain. The low vibration of Illness is cast out only when we give permission to let go of our unique and fascinating explanations for its grip. When the mind and heart are quiet, no-thing is contained in the vast universe of possibility.

Finding meaning in spiritual crisis, I am committed to facilitating self-care in neutral space by holding presence for you. Thus, in favor of full transparency, I request your mindful courtesy that political-social discussions not be entertained during your time with me. It is your turn to let go of what cannot be controlled outside of your own means. Thank you for your trust in allowing me to help you plug into your own ener-qi. When we embrace ourselves as we are, we make room to receive the healing balm of our own divine lights; a nourishing gift that multiplies to others.

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